Service allows customers to use our services after the warranty period.
During this period, you can get:

  • Free advice on the use of products.
  • In accordance with all accepted standards of guaranteed quality of filtered water.
  • Consistent quality of work nodes and mechanisms.
  • Timely maintenance services elements of the filter or replace them.

The amount of payment to service depends on the equipment specifications and is determined in each case



Обслуживание фильтров для воды
Maintenance of high quality!



After purchasing any water treatment equipment, whether water treatment system or filter, you will need to install.

The "Holding" Golden Formula " LTD offers our clients services to install filters and other water purification systems. Our qualified specialists perform installation of any water treatment equipment with high quality guarantee and as soon as possible. At each setting influenced by many factors. This and the remoteness of the location and frame equipment, and location, and personal wishes of the Client. It all affects the ultimate cost of installation, so specify in each case

Установка фильтров для воды

Only highly qualified experts
make installation!




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